Editorial Policy

At OhMyFacts.com, Our commitment to delivering reliable and fascinating facts is underpinned by our rigorous editorial standards. This page outlines our editorial policy, ensuring transparency and trust in our content creation process.

Accuracy and Reliability

At OhMyFacts.com, we prioritize accuracy and reliability above all. Our team diligently verifies the facts before publication by consulting multiple reputable sources. We strive to use primary sources and accredited institutions as the cornerstone of our verification process.

Independence and Objectivity

Our content is created free from external influence. We maintain editorial independence to ensure that our articles remain objective and unbiased. Our writers and editors are encouraged to present facts as they are, without any skew or bias that could mislead our readers.

Updates and Corrections

The world of information is always evolving, and so is our content. We are committed to updating our facts to reflect the most current and accurate information. Should errors occur, we promptly correct them and note the changes made, providing transparency to our audience.

Diversity and Inclusion

OhMyFacts.com believes in the power of diversity in the stories we tell. We aim to cover a wide array of topics from various cultures, perspectives, and disciplines to enrich our readers’ understanding and appreciation of the world.

Reader Engagement

We value our readers’ insights and encourage feedback. Reader contributions through comments or direct communications are welcomed and considered by our editorial team to improve and refine our content.

Editorial Team

Our editorial team is comprised of experienced writers and fact-checkers specializing in various fields of knowledge. Their expertise ensures that the content not only entertains but educates, providing you with reliable facts you can trust.

Advertising and Sponsorship

OhMyFacts.com accepts advertising and sponsorship under strict guidelines to ensure that it does not influence our editorial content. Advertisements are clearly marked and kept separate from our editorial material to maintain integrity and trust.

Contact Us

For inquiries, suggestions, or corrections, please contact us using the contact form or email us at contact@ohmyfacts.com. We are dedicated to maintaining open communication with our readers to foster a community built on trust and curiosity.