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Published: 10 Jul 2024

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Ever wondered how your favorite Ruby Tuesday dishes stack up in the nutrition department? Well, you're in luck! Today, we're diving into the world of Ruby Tuesday's menu, breaking down the nutritional info of their most popular items. From those tempting appetizers to the hearty entrees and even the decadent desserts, we've got the lowdown on what's really on your plate. Whether you're counting calories, watching your sodium intake, or just curious about what you're eating, this guide is your go-to resource. So, grab a fork, and let's dig into the nutritional facts of Ruby Tuesday's offerings. You might be surprised at what you find!

Key Takeaways:

  • Indulge in moderation: Ruby Tuesday offers a variety of dishes, from healthy salads to decadent desserts. With portion control and smart swaps, you can enjoy a balanced meal without sacrificing flavor.
  • Customize your meal: Whether you're counting calories or have dietary restrictions, Ruby Tuesday's menu has options for everyone. From low-calorie salads to allergen information, you can make informed choices for a satisfying dining experience.
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Understanding Ruby Tuesday's Menu

Ruby Tuesday, known for its casual dining experience, offers a variety of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary needs. From juicy burgers to fresh salads, the menu is designed to offer something for everyone. But how does this variety stack up nutritionally? Let's dive into some surprising facts.

  1. Salad Bar: Ruby Tuesday's Garden Bar is a hit for those looking for healthier options. With over 55 ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and cheeses, diners can craft a meal that's both nutritious and satisfying.

  2. Low Calorie Options: For guests counting calories, several dishes are designed to be lower in calories without sacrificing flavor. These include the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and the Veggie Trio, each offering a balance of protein and vegetables.

Ruby Tuesday's Signature Dishes and Their Nutritional Content

  1. Rib Eye: This 12 oz steak is a protein powerhouse, but it's also high in calories and fat. A single serving without sides contains around 900 calories and 65 grams of fat, making it a choice to enjoy in moderation.

  2. Bacon Cheeseburger: A fan favorite, this burger packs about 1,000 calories and 71 grams of fat. Opting for a turkey burger or the veggie burger can significantly reduce these numbers.

  3. Spaghetti Squash Marinara: A lighter option, this dish is not only flavorful but also low in calories and carbs. One serving contains approximately 300 calories and is a great option for those following a gluten-free or low-carb diet.

Surprising Facts About Ruby Tuesday's Beverages

  1. Cocktails: Some of Ruby Tuesday's signature cocktails, like the Ruby Relaxer, can contain as many calories as an entree, with some drinks nearing 500 calories each.

  2. Smoothies: Made with real fruit and yogurt, their smoothies are a healthier beverage choice, averaging about 300 calories per serving.

Kids' Menu: Healthier Than You Think

  1. Kids' Menu: Ruby Tuesday offers a variety of kid-friendly dishes that are lower in calories and fat compared to the adult menu. The Kids' Grilled Chicken is a nutritious choice, with only 300 calories.

  2. Sides: Sides like the Fresh Grilled Zucchini and Mashed Potatoes are also available in smaller, kid-friendly portions, making it easier to manage their calorie intake.

Desserts: Indulgence with a Nutritional Cost

  1. New York Cheesecake: A slice of this creamy dessert can contain up to 800 calories and 58 grams of fat, making it a treat best shared or saved for special occasions.

  2. Chocolate Tall Cake: This towering dessert is not only visually impressive but also nutritionally dense, with over 1,000 calories and 72 grams of fat.

Smart Dining Tips at Ruby Tuesday

  1. Portion Control: Many of Ruby Tuesday's dishes are large enough to share. Consider splitting entrees or taking half to go for another meal.

  2. Substitutions: Don't be afraid to ask for substitutions. Swapping out fries for a side salad or steamed vegetables can significantly reduce the calorie and fat content of your meal.

  3. Dressings on the Side: Salad dressings can add a lot of hidden calories. Requesting them on the side allows you to control how much you use.

Nutritional Information Accessibility

  1. Nutritional Information: Ruby Tuesday is transparent about the nutritional content of their dishes. Detailed information is available on their website and upon request in the restaurant, making it easier for guests to make informed choices.

  2. Allergen Information: For guests with food allergies or sensitivities, allergen information is also readily available, ensuring a safe dining experience.

Seasonal and Limited-Time Offers

  1. Seasonal Dishes: Ruby Tuesday often introduces seasonal dishes that can offer new flavors and potentially healthier options. These limited-time offers are a great way to enjoy seasonal produce and lean proteins.

  2. Calorie Counts on Menus: For seasonal and regular menu items, calorie counts are often displayed, helping diners make choices that align with their nutritional goals.

The Takeaway on Ruby Tuesday's Nutrition

  1. Balance and Moderation: Enjoying a meal at Ruby Tuesday doesn't have to derail your diet. With a variety of options and the ability to customize your meal, finding a balance between indulgence and nutrition is possible.

  2. Informed Choices: Armed with nutritional information and smart dining strategies, guests can navigate Ruby Tuesday's menu to find delicious dishes that meet their dietary needs.

A Fresh Look at Ruby Tuesday's Nutritional Choices

Diving into Ruby Tuesday's nutritional landscape shows us there's more than meets the eye. With a menu that's both diverse and mindful of health, patrons have the power to make choices that align with their dietary goals. Whether it's opting for the Garden Bar to pile on the veggies or selecting one of the lean protein dishes, there's something for everyone. Remember, balancing indulgence with nutritious options is key. Next time you're at Ruby Tuesday, take a moment to consider the nutritional info available. It's all about making informed choices that contribute to a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing flavor. So, go ahead, enjoy your meal with the confidence that you're making decisions good for both taste buds and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with Ruby Tuesday's salad bar?
Ruby Tuesday's salad bar is a hit for those looking to customize their meals with a variety of fresh veggies, toppings, and dressings. It's a great way to kick off your meal or, for some, it can be the meal itself. Just remember, while it's tempting to pile on the cheese and bacon bits, keeping an eye on those choices helps maintain the nutritional balance.
Can I find healthy options at Ruby Tuesday?
Absolutely! Ruby Tuesday offers a range of dishes that cater to health-conscious diners. From their Fit & Trim selections featuring lean proteins and veggies to their garden bar, finding a meal that fits your nutritional goals is easier than you might think. Plus, they provide nutritional info to help guide your choices.
Are there vegetarian or vegan options available?
Yes, vegetarians and vegans can find something to enjoy at Ruby Tuesday. While the menu is heavily meat-centric, there are a few dishes like the veggie burger and the salad bar that can be customized to fit a plant-based diet. Always a good idea to chat with your server about modifying dishes to meet your needs.
How does Ruby Tuesday accommodate special dietary needs?
Ruby Tuesday is pretty accommodating when it comes to special dietary needs. Whether you're gluten-free, keto, or have specific food allergies, they're willing to modify dishes where possible. It's recommended to discuss your dietary restrictions with your server or check out their nutritional info online before visiting.
What's the scoop on Ruby Tuesday's burgers?
Their burgers are a big draw, known for being juicy and flavorful. However, if you're watching your nutrition, consider opting for a turkey or veggie burger. You can also swap out the fries for a side salad or steamed veggies to balance out your meal.
Is there a way to enjoy Ruby Tuesday's desserts guilt-free?
Desserts at Ruby Tuesday are tempting, but they can be quite indulgent. For a guilt-free option, consider sharing a dessert with the table or opting for a smaller portion if available. Sometimes, just a few bites of that sweet treat can satisfy your craving without overdoing it.
How accurate is the nutritional information provided by Ruby Tuesday?
Ruby Tuesday strives to provide accurate nutritional information for their dishes, but it's worth noting that variations can occur due to handcrafted nature of their menu items. For the most precise info, consulting with a server or checking the latest details online is your best bet.

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